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I'm a certified dog trainer with over 30 years experience training dogs of all temperaments, ages and breeds. I specialize in all levels obedience training, service dog training, behavior modification training including destructive behavior , potty training and much more. I take great pride in my work, from molding a young pup to rehabilitating a dog that is about to be given up on. my simple aim is to make your dog into the perfect canine companion for you and your family, a dog you would be happy and proud to share your home with. However, I do understand the conflict between wanting to have that perfectly trained well behaved dog and the time and dedication it takes to achieve it, I do understand that life can get quite busy which is why I've spent years developing my unique custom tailored training plans designed to fit your particular needs and limited time. let me put my experience, passion for dogs and dog training to serve you.

Edgar ( uncle Ed ) Hernandez

NK-9 certified trainer

dog training in Miami

My big brother and I with our first dog.



Private weekly or biweekly  classes performed in the comfort of your home. We train till we accomplish all commands checked off on our agreement. each lesson is approximately 45-60 min.

90-100 % owner participation required.



Plans starting from



~Basic plan.

heel, sit, stay, down, come, wait, place & behavior training.


~Intermediate plan

heel, sit, stay, down, come, place, wait, easy, moderate distraction training, 15 ft distance training & behavior training.


~Advanced plan

heel, sit, stay, down, come, place, wait, easy, heavy distraction training, 30 ft distance training, random commands & behavior training.




*90-100% owner participation required.


Private training in the comfort of your home. Designed for the client who prefers to have the training at home and also does not have as much time to participate in daily practice. 

40-50 % owner participation required.


Plans starting from .1,500 


~Basic Obedience 

8 total lessons

5x per week for the first week

2x per week for the 2nd week

1x per week on the 3rd week



~Intermediate/Advanced Training

12 total lessons

4x per week for the first week

3x per week on the 2nd week

2x per week on the 3rd week

2x per week on the 4th week

1x per week on the 5th week


~ Service Training

16 total lessons.

5x per week on 1st week

4x per week on 2nd week

3x per week on 3rd week

2x per week on 4th week

1x per week on 5th week

1x per week on 6th week

letter of completed service work




*40-50% owner participation required.


Camp style or sleep away training was designed for the client that has very little time to participate in daily practice and or wants results as fast as possible. also great for clients that want to schedule training while traveling. tons of individual care, time and training goes into each dog.

10-20 % owner participation required.


Plans starting from




~Basic plan

6 day plan with 1 follow up lessons.

~Intermediate plan

12 day plan with 2 follow up lessons.

~ Advanced plan

15 day plan with 3 follow up lessons.

~ Service plan

20 day plan with 5 follow up lessons. comes with letter of completed service work

*10-20% owner participation required.

Call or text 305-606-1615 to schedule your in home evaluation.

*We now currently offer Boarding training for all areas north of Fort Lauderdale to the Palm beaches. 


Some of our students :)

all videos seen on my site are of my clients dogs in the process of getting trained. I think it is very misleading to have videos of demonstration dogs that have already been trained for many months to years.

It is typically not enough for a trainer to just train your dog, it is just as important for the trainer to have a good transfer of training protocol in place to insure that your dog understands that training is a permanent way of life and not just situational, temporary or when uncle Ed shows up to train.


Edgar ( Uncle Ed ) Hernandez

* As seen on this video, our client & his dog. working on some off leash training.

Guaranteed results, 
No harsh methods

In order for your dog to be well behaved, calm and focused in all environments, your dog must be exposed to training in different environments with additional emphasis on heavy distractions training, all while keeping treat training as a motivating factor at under 10%

Puppies are blissfully ignorant of what we need or want as humans and without the proper leadership a pup will instinctively assume a dominant role within your pack thus developing behavior issues consistent with a dog that is dominant or struggling to determine who is alpha. dog training without treats as a reward is by far the best solution for this issue.

The best time to start training your puppy or dog is as soon as possible, however maximum benefits from training occur as the pup is navigating developmental stages ( between 14 weeks and 7 months of age) while also not missing important opportunity for socialization with other dogs and different environments in these developmental stages, however ( while not ideal ) we can still train dogs 4-6 years of age. 

Please do not hesitate in texting or calling me I'm always available to answer any questions you may have, I take pride in being as detailed and thorough as possible with every phone consultation or in person evaluation. 
look forward to hearing from you.

Edgar Hernandez
NK-9 certified trainer

I think its very misleading and unfair to the consumer to post videos of my own demo trained dogs, because those dogs have been trained for years on a daily basis. so all dogs seen in this sight are actual clients dogs in the process of getting trained, some basic training ( like lobo seen here ) and some a bit more advanced ( off leash ) but they are all in the process so that you know what to expect. 

  • Housebreaking tips 


STEP #1.  Call or text me at 305-606-1615 for a quick phone consultation and to schedule the in home evaluation.


STEP#2.  Perform the in home evaluation just to ensure that all checks out well with your dog (usually does) and to help determine which plan would work best for you and your dog. evaluation process takes about 30 min to 1 hour depending on how many questions you may have.


STEP#3.   you pick the plan you prefer (if you like i'll give my recommendation) make payment and I start training  :)



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